Conventional v/s Digital Resume

Have you ever, by any chance, pondered upon a thought of your resume defining your entire life span, your career, your attitude or your choices?
If not, lets figure out if resume is everything or we are much beyond the analogy/ideology of the same. In this fast laden life, we have observed people following the ideal trend of building resumes, making it more attractive for the employers who might stumble upon it once in a blue moon. We wonder that by this mere dictionary defined word “Resume” we will one day land up in our dream job in our dream company. But what is exactly
the definition of this word "Resume"? Any thoughts that passed by? Is it just about what we have studied till now, our achievements, our experiences? Are you yourself a persona of those handful of printed thoughts/words? Well, definitely not, and this i say by experience! Experience that I learned from my co-workers, with the help of resume. Irony is that resume is a mere word that can definitely, yet not surely can land you to your dream job in your dream company and give you an experience that you can showcase. But Resume solely doesn’t define the personality, the zest with
which you will enter and work in your dream company. You might perform well for a year or five, but what then? Will you continue the same thing you are doing with the same personality, the same enthu that you started with? We, by heart know the talent we possess and the large talent pool is never ending, but don’t you ever in life come across a thought that we have lost ourselves in this pool? Let me quote you in much simpler words & “We are the greatest swimmers who drowned ourselves by showing off skills in the sea” Oh no! Did I miss mentioning alligator; the reason that panicked me and drowned? So, let’s just say my skills still didn’t help me enough when it was the exact time that it should have been because an uncalled obstacle knocked my door and I didn’t have the right attitude to deal with it. So, why so? Ever given a thought? Because your resume is not self-sufficiently describing your personality, your attitude. Yes, I am talking about personality, if you have got me right. Personality never solely determines your attitude only; it is you from top to toe. It is inescapable. Frankly, even if you don’t have the right skills for your dream job but you have the right personality for the same, believe me or not, the job is yours! It is more of you who speak, the way you speak, the passion you carry, the zeal you possess, the way you carry yourself, the confidence, the attitude that you reflect that describes personality. And hey! Look out! You are best with your own unique traits! Nobody is perfect, but everybody can try to be! So, finally, I will let you think for yourself – “What is more important to you? Is it a beautiful, attractive resume or you yourself?”
By the time you give a thought to my question, let me introduce a smarter yet simpler way where you can not only showcase your resume but blend it with your personality. Let’s just say, I did the same and thanks to Jobsterz. Jobsterz is a simple application, an instigation to this new era. It works wonders by keeping the ball rolling. Didn’t get me? Just say, it solves all your problems. It blends your personality with your resume and showcase it in the form of audio-video to the hiring companies. Simply say, it is a digital recruitment solution for this digitalized world where digital interview takes place. Now, hey! What are you waiting for? Go and start with your first portfolio by simply visiting So, i will in very simple words, ask you : what is more important for you – a beautiful
resume or your personality?


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