About Jobsterz

Jobsterz is a platform that tends to bring down the gap between Job Providers & Job Seekers. Just as a catalyst brings about a change, our aim, at Jobsterz, is to be exactly that and bring about a positive change at your personal and professional front. With a job seeker cum provider-centric approach, Jobsterz aims to bring both the Opportunity Providers & Opportunists a step closer through a hassle-free and digitized process.

About Jobsterz

Jobsterz is a Job Search platform providing online recruitment & employment consulting services with Jobs in India across IT and Non-IT sectors.

Our services to Jobseekers:

Our company keeps the job seekers up-to-date with notifications of vacancy, job placements as well as opportunities for skilling and training Jobs in India.

We plan to update employment exchanges and restore them to career centres that will offer information on jobs in India and also facilities like career counselling. You can use these services to raise your probability of landing an interview but by the end of the day, it is what your profile that matters.  Deprived of a profile that stands out and by profile, skills, achievements, projects done etc., that job interview will continuously be abstract regardless of the services you take. Our company facilitates easy searching for jobs in India and lets employers search for you. Our company allows registered job seekers to build an online resume that can be found out by employers that are hiring. With our job portal, searching for jobs is relaxed for job seekers. Just enter a keyword for the kind of work you are seeking, preferred location and click on “Search”.

Our services to Job providers:

If you’re a job provider looking for staff, our job portal can help you find job-ready candidates that suit your need looking for a job in India. We accomplish this by endorsing a shortlist of screened and job-ready candidates whereas providing professional end-to-end staffing services for all industries.

We provide services and opportunities to job providers to look for the appropriate people with valuable skill sets. Our job portal site focuses on specific job providers related to precise requirements. We provide service to job providers in such a way that will play a vital role in matching people with eligible jobs. We support this procedure by providing a range of resources.

You can register as an Employer by visiting our job portal and explore our incredible services.