Job Description:

• At least 8 years’ IT-software experience of which >5 years should be in data management
• In depth knowledge of database design for transactional and analytical usage scenarios
• Understanding of conventional (relational) and alternative data structures and their applicability
• Awareness of big data, IOT and noSQL datasets
• System and query optimization for performance
• Good communication skills
• Extensive experience of working with MS SQL Server and MySQL and their respective toolsets
• Good Oral and written English language skills
• Strong problem-solving ability

• Understand the data structures and elements used in the organization – both by operations as well as for internal use
• Understand functional requirements for new solution / feature development, design and optimize appropriate data structures
• Tune the data structures taking into account future enhancements as well as scalability needs
• Design and implement flexible reporting and analytical models and solutions
• Identify, recommend and implement appropriate data management and reporting tools and scripts
• Train technical teams in appropriate handling techniques covering design, collection, query and storage
• Design and implement data archival strategies, and strategies to retrieve and access archived data when necessary.

Skill Set

  1. Data modeling and database design – Able to create an efficient physical database design from a logical data model and application specifications.
    2. Database schema creation and management – Translate a data model or logical database design into an actual physical database implementation.
    3. Backup and recovery – Implementing robust backup and recovery procedures and strategy based on data volatility and application availability requirements.
    4. Ensuring data integrity– Ensure structural and data integrity of the database.
    5. Performance management and tuning – must be able to proactively monitor the database environment and to make changes to data structures, SQL, application logic or the DBMS subsystem to optimize performance.
    6. Ensuring availability – Applications and data to be up and available 24×7. Ensure data availability using non-disruptive administration tactics.
    7. SQL code reviews and walk-throughs – understand and review SQL and host language programs and recommend changes for optimization.
    8. Procedural skills – skills to help design, debug, implement, and maintain stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions.
    9. Data security – ensure that only authorized users have access to data through the implementation of a rigorous security infrastructure for production and test databases. A database auditing capability to ensure compliance.
    10. Capacity planning – support more data, more users, and more connections through the ability to predict growth based on application and data usage patterns and to implement the necessary database changes to accommodate the growth.
    11. General database management – must understand the basic tenets of relational database technology and be able to accurately communicate them to others.
    12. General systems management and networking skills – ability to integrate database administration requirements and tasks with general systems management requirements and tasks (like job scheduling, network management, transaction processing, and so on).
    13. Business knowledge – must understand the requirements of the application users and be able to administer their databases to avoid interruption of business. Must understand how the applications impact the business and the criticality of databases and availability.
    14. Web-specific technology expertise – have knowledge of Internet and Web technologies to tune databases for high performance web-based applications.
    15. Storage management techniques – must understand the storage hardware and software, including how it interacts with the DBMS.

Mandatory Skills

  • Hands on experience & In-depth working knowledge on SQL Server 2008 / 2014 with TSQL/SSIS/SSRS
    • Creating well-written and understandable technical documentation
    • Good Oral and written English language skills
    • Experience in performance tuning databases
    • Strong problem-solving ability